I have now completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield in the Speech and Hearing research group under the supervision of Roger K. Moore. The  title of my thesis is “Machine-Assisted Phonemic Analysis“. Phonemic Analysis is the process of finding the contrastive sounds of a language and is shown in the diagram below. Items written in blue are parts of the process that I’ve attempted to partly automate.

Phonemic Analysis


Journal paper

T. Kempton and R.K. Moore (2014). Discovering the phoneme inventory of an unwritten language: a machine-assisted approach. Speech Communication. [paper | identical open access version]

Peer-reviewed conference papers

E. Kurtic, B. Wells, G. J. Brown, T. Kempton, and A. Aker (2012). A Corpus of Spontaneous Multi-party Conversation in Bosnian Serbo-Croatian and British English Proc. LREC, Instanbul, Turkey. [paper]

T. Kempton, R.K. Moore and T. Hain (2011) Cross-language phone recognition when the target language phoneme inventory is not known Proc. Interspeech, Florence, Italy. [paper | poster]

T. Kempton and R.K. Moore (2009) Finding allophones: an evaluation on consonants in the TIMIT corpus Proc. Interspeech, Brighton, UK. [paper | poster | faq]

T. Kempton and R.K. Moore (2008) Language identification: insights from the classification of hand annotated phone transcripts Proc. Odyssey Workshop on Speaker and Language Recognition, Stellenbosch, South Africa. [paper | slides]


My current e-mail address is tim_kempton at sil dot org